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Have you got the Entrepreneur’s Curse?

The Entrepreneur’s Curse is the tendency to come up with incredibly exciting, brand new, life-changing projects and then very quickly...

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Modern Day David and Goliath

The most tech start-ups per capita in the world, the most foreign listings on the Nasdaq and the highest investment...

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Halogen Young Leaders Convention

I had the honour this month of sharing my leadership journey with 15,000 plus primary school captains and prefects at...

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The Missing Middle

Hiking Boots – check, Insect Repellant – check, Portable Flip-Chart – check, 20 South African Branson Entrepreneurs – check, 14...

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Why Entrepreneurs need a Reality Distortion Field

I spent some time over the break reading Steve Jobs’ biography written by Walter Isaacson. A tomb of a book...

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Adventures in Kidland

Attending our second Sydney Kids’ markets at the Carriage Works yesterday brought me back to earth on two levels. The...

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